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There is anime, and then there is anime. Some of them are just so good that you actually go back and read the manga – and claymore is one of them. If beautiful women kicking ass isn’t enough, it also has a riveting story line and great character development. Its one of those that starts out slow and eventually grows on you.

The story is set in a medieval fantasy world which is inhabited by humans and sentient demonic begins called yoma which feed on human entrails. Normal humans who stand no chance against these demonic beings depend on half-human half-yoma hybrids created by a mysterious and creepy organization, referred to within the series as ‘The Organization’ who send out female warriors wielding large swords (thus the name Claymore). The story starts out with showing these female warriors , the claymores, as beautiful and deadly but rather pale and without any humanity to them. They are feared and ostracized by the people who depend on the claymores to protect themselves from the demonic beings.

As the story progresses, we see another more human side to the claymores and learn that the organizations intentions aren’t so noble after all. The storyline mainly revolves around a single low ranked claymore – Claire, her journey and her growth – both emotionally and as a stronger warrior as she picks up friends, comrades and battles a few powerful adversaries all on the way to finding out much more sinister secrets.

Even though the series focuses on Claire, the protagonist, Other characters are well thought out and are fully developed as the series progresses; they end up playing crucial roles alongside Claire and are important facets of the storyline. A complete and an entertaining anime overall that is completely worth the read!

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May 12, 2008 at 1:32 am

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