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All Science is Computer Science

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This is in continuation of this post, so for any background and a general introduction of my point of view on this subject take a look there.

My thoughts when I initially wrote the previous post, where much unclear – a bit foggy and nebulous. Now, I believe that I have a more concrete version, or at least one that is a little less foggy. My study of the fundamentals of computer science has grounded my faith in the fact that this is as fundamental a science, as much as physics or mathematics, if not more. Computer Science studies things that can be computed by beings of finite resources – be they humans made of meat and bone or be automatons constructed of metal and electricity.

It is the study of what is possible in a finite universe. The nature of truths privy to us – beings of finite resources. What can be efficiently computed and what cannot. These are the fundamental questions of computer science. How hard is really hard? Are there easy ways to get around the hardness of problems? These questions are what a people who work on the frontiers of the body of theory that make up computer science ponder about. And unlike the esoterica of mathematics or the alienated theories of physics – The questions that computer science endeavors to answer have bearing on the real world.

From improving the efficiencies of every day corporations to fundamental questions about the market – questions that have plagued economists for decades, with the tools of computer science are within our sights. Our approximations to what cannot be answered precisely can be given limits of error. It gives us the tools to tell, if we are not at the truth, at least how far are we from it. From the fundamental building blocks of all life – DNA to questions about the most refined form of human intellect, Language. All are now under the sights of computation. What nature does and what can nature do? The ultimate limits of reality and our perception. All answers to these questions have their answers inside of computer science.

This article would require an entire book to be written, but for now, I shall contend my self with writing small expository examples via posts here, of the tall claims that I’ve made in the previous paragraph.

Till Then,
Signing Off,
Vishnu Vyas


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February 10, 2008 at 8:16 pm

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