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Lord Muruga lashes out at the Pope.

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Lord Muruga after being hounded by feminists groups for openly practicing bigamy, has now taken refuge in the city of Amsterdam after the Priyanka Rahul Gandhi brigade had burnt his effigy and promised violence for ‘misusing the national bird’ by trying to mount it.

In a controversial interview to AP, he criticized the Pope for being partial and lashed out at him for not giving all religions equal footing and totally forgetting to mention him in his speech, in spite of the status of God, given to him by many followers. He accused the decadent west of being morally bankrupt and have given into the evils of atheism and secular humanism and not acknowledging him for what he is – A God. He also lashed out at his followers of being impassive and not forthright as other Muslims in expressing their anger of the insult that the pope had accorded to him by not insulting him. He said “Its deplorable that Hindu India hasn’t woken up to its true potential and the Pope was clearly practicing minority appeasement”. He however has spoken favorably of the government decision to spend money on people who have married people from lower caste SC/ST. He said that “Yes, I applaud the government for implementing such measures and giving money to the cause of inter caste marriages.. I have already put in my claim” .

He also told that the tried and tested principle of the free-market is compatible with core Hindu values and said “the evils of the society are due to socialization and nationalization, especially of the six houses that used to belong to me in Tamil Nadu”. On asked about his future plans he said that he is in touch with the Sangh Parivar to launch a party based on core hindutva principles of capitalism, nationalism, inter-caste marriages and liberation of India and his houses from a psuedo-secular minority appeasing government. He said that all his intentions had the best national interest at heart and should not be painted the communal color.

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Vishnu Vyas.


Written by vishnuvyas

September 21, 2006 at 4:15 am

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