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Am I Alone Here?

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There has been a growing sense of despondency in my mind these few years. I am being terrified at what is happening in this world. No, its not Islamic terrorism or radical Christians denying evolution. Its the growing partisanships that seem to have clouded our mind, denying the most basic fact – we are all human.

Every problem is painted as black and white, right vs left, everyone has chosen a side. Divisions growing wider in what could have been an answer to nature’s cold and cruel war that creates new species. Humanity is getting sacrificed over imagined gods, differences in wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation reflected off your skin, differences in ideologies. In confirming our identities and our allegiances, we have failed to embrace our most universal identity – as humans and our most fundamental allegiance – to humanity.

It is sad that, in the 4 billion year history of life, its the dominant species that has been at the receiving end when nature gave the finger. This time, as things go, we needn’t wait for nature. The only time nature could really be trumped, is when there is the ability to think critically and apply reason and rational thought. But now, rationality and common sense has gone into a deep slumber, and given way to fundamentalism of all kinds. The you are wrong , I’m right kind of battles. The worst ones.

There are impending threats to humanity, both from within and from the outside. A small random mutation on an isolated strand of genetic material on a virus could turn into our worst nightmare. A radical meme rampaging the common consciousness could destroy our civilisation. A few degrees rise in global temperature could devastate humanity.

Human race has been vulnerable before, and yet trumped nature every time. Beating the odds, playing its cards perfectly, by applying critical thought and moving from a simple gene propagating machine to a society that could take care of itself. That’s how we beat the genes. But in all those times, the danger wasn’t as clear or as present as it is now. And now is when we need to wake up. We have to move from the simple meme propagating machines we have become to true creatures of reason, objectivity and rationality.

The final war is yet to come. The war to end all wars is yet to come and it will be brought upon humanity by itself. The warriors could be nebulous, unknown, unexpected. For all I know, it could already be upon us. And in this war, as in all wars, there is only one winner. And in this war, as in all other wars, there is only one winning strategy – Reason.

Signing off,
Vishnu Vyas


Written by vishnuvyas

September 13, 2006 at 4:43 am

Posted in Free Writing, General

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