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Free Writing: The Cathedral and the Baazar.

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This is something I wrote on an extremely mind numbing 40 kilometre bus journey from my house to my college.

There is an interesting article in todays' paper about how big a market place that china has become. But the line that piqued my curiosity more than anything else was this particular line.

The largest manufacturer of christmas decorations and santa claus dolls is offically atheist china.

Well, for some-one who knows a bit of world history, china's is not the first atheistic country. India is supposed to be one too, but the meaning of the term 'secular' has been hijacked and mutilated beyond repair by our politicians. A few decades back, it was the godless russians, now its 'officially atheist china'. Interesting isn't it? Atheism has always been inextricably entangled with communism and in most cases socialism. It may be true that socialism may imply atheism, but why the converse? Stated otherwise, why has free market, a purely economic concept been so deeply tied with relegion outside purely academic circles?

It is highly inconcievable that such a link could have been forged and enforced over few decades. Even taking into acount the the strong images that the link draws to christian america or the persecution of faulon gong. What's more ironical about this link is that, if you practice religion, then as the many "relegious heads" seem to concur, relegion seems to be all about equality and the well-being of every one. But aren't those the same goals of a socialist ideology? I've heard of the religious right, but never the about a religious left or even an 'agnostic right'. Are there more deeper connections that I don't know about or is it just blatant american media hegomony that seems to be all-pervasive. An Interesting conundrum after all!

Signing Off,
Vishnu Vyas.


Written by vishnuvyas

April 23, 2006 at 4:14 pm

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  1. those lincoln navigators are hot!


    January 11, 2007 at 4:28 pm

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