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And The Oscar Goes too….

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If you think this is another filmy post denouncing the Oscars and why crash (trash??) shouldn’t have won, well, I am sorry to disappoint you. This is more about the sad state of Indian politics and its most favorite whore, the Indian main stream media. And this is how the story goes…

Once upon a time, not long ago, when the most brightest minds in bollywood decided that they had enough of just “acting” to help people in films and that they should take up posts in the parliament, so they can start to learn to act in real life as well. So, Mrs. Jaya Bachan was appointed to the Rajya Sabha. (If you are English, its something like the house of lords, and if you are American, you probably don’t care).

The congress party candidate Madan Mohan who lost the RS election to Jaya Bachan, moved a petition to the election commission regarding a completely mindless non-issue of her holding an office of profit of the Uttar Pradesh state film development corporation. (seriously how many films from UP have you ever seen?). And the election commission, duly playing its part of the bitch to those in power, eventually got her disqualified from the Rajya Sabha.

Smart, one would think, in fact, if it hadn’t blown up on his face, you could have commended him for being the Chanakya of modern times. But it turns out that this utterly non-important issue had taken gigantic proportions when it blew right back at his face, with more than what he expected. It turns out that not only is Mrs.Bachan guilty of holding an office of profit, but more than half of the parliament,cutting across party lines, both houses included, are guilty of the same charge. The rest are too busy juggling between criminal cases of murder, fraud, rape and taking bribes for discussing the intricate points of catch-22 in the parliament.

The NDA which is positively culpable for gerrymandering, wears the nun’s clothes to hide the whore that it really is and goes ahead targeting Mrs. Sonia Gandhi (don’t get mixed up with the name, she has nothing to do with Mahatma Gandhi, neither via family nor via principles). All this commotion leads to the parliament getting adjourned sine die. Why? the ruling congress government wants to protect “Madame Sonia-ji”, from disqualification. With NDA blowing the whistle and acting out their part eventually leads to “Madame Sonai-ji” resigning the post of both MP and that of the chairman of NAC (the alleged office of profit).

For the past four days, four fucking days, this crap is what that’s been filling up the air waves. Every one of the “news” channels is all over this complete non-issue, some touting “sonia-ji’s” sacrifice and others about NDA’s totally ass-faced attempt back firing. Lets give this whole incident some thought for a moment shall we?

For all those who call it taking the high moral ground, Since when is resigning to save an embarrassing disqualification, after an almost shameless attempt to promulgate an ordinance and adjourning the fundamental democratic institution of the country indefinitely, considered as taking the high moral ground?

Any man with an inch of sense would see into the fact that Sonia for what she really is, an excellent politician. And the congress after years of failing has got its PR act together. This is not about the people, this not about the country, this is not even about morality. Its simply an excellent PR exercise by the congress. Will do congress great good for it in the polls. (And to be even more critical, its is a costly and totally unnecessary re-election in Rae Bareli!).

And lets consider the opposition, whose members are pretty much guilty of the same charge, if not even more. A party which openly encourages communal politics and run by Mr.Advani, who preaches (praises?) secularism in Pakistan, while getting ready to go on “yatras” at home. They are not even worthy of being allowed into the parliament house. A classic case of “pot calling the kettle black!”.

Now, lets come the the third ingredient in this concoction, the media. All the news channels including DD news is all about “Sonia-ji” resigning, whats happening at the Gandhi residence, whats the NDA now spewing out? Every single minute, every god-damn news channel, all the time. Every other news story has been sidelined with journalists rushing to check out whats happening! Does all that our “main-stream” media really care about is scoop value?

Lets for heaven’s sake stop to think for a moment. None of the entire fiasco lasting the past week had anything do with important issues still plaguing our country. Things like an ailing education system, the Kashmir issue, corruption and illiteracy. An unnecessary re-election, a crime against democracy in adjourning the parliament sine die, a big uproar in every fucking news channel out there and yet none of it had anything to do with national interests or the country. It was all because of a bloody sore loser! It was all god-damned fucking politics! A clear recession for our country on various grounds and not one politician had the balls to come up and say “Screw this! I am more concerned about the people.”

Its a pitiful state that our nation today is in. For having a billion people, we are completely unable to find even a few good leaders. Its about time we all actually started reflecting about this.
Signing Off
Vishnu Vyas


Written by vishnuvyas

March 23, 2006 at 6:11 pm

4 Responses

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  1. One thing: Taxpayer’s money gets wasted for re-election, thanks to these ppl.
    Another thing: Sonia Gandhi seems to be very intelligent, or atleast very good at turning her problems into advs, she did that when Congress got elected into power, and she’s doing it now. Whether I like her or not, she’s the right person for media.


    March 24, 2006 at 5:48 pm

  2. “Every country has the government it deserves.? — Joseph De Maistre


    March 25, 2006 at 4:33 am

  3. Rm

    I should take strong offence in the above comment and very much tempted to remove it. However, unlike Joseph De Maistre, who was openly supportive of french royal autocracy, conservatism and the catholic church, I am much more liberal and strongly believe in free speech. So, I will not go ahead and censor you even if its my blog.

    Vishnu Vyas

    March 25, 2006 at 4:42 am

  4. advani

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    September 5, 2006 at 1:13 pm

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